15-17 SEPTEMBER 2017

Hack the legal industry in 48 hours!

Together with Rainmaking Innovation we are putting on a hackathon to develop and showcase new tech solutions within the legal industry.

Join 100+ participants with multiple backgrounds: (developers, business people, designers, domain experts, lawyers) for 48 hours of building prototypes, rapid fire market validation and business model invention.

The winning team will receive a cash prize of 25.000 DKK and direct access to key sponsor executives to explore real world applications. There will also be a 5000 DKK price for best demo and a 5000 DKK price for the most innovative idea.



25.000 DKK cash prize to the winning team


5000 DKK cash prize to best demo


5000 DKK cash prize to most innovative idea

The jury will pick all the winning teams

All participants will get an opportunity present their ideas to industry players with the hope of launching real world pilots.

Topics and challenges

Suggested topics and concrete problems

Topic 1: How can technologies like AI, IoT and VR be used to boost productivity?

  1. How can we automatically compare compliance guidelines vs Non-Disclosure Agreements and highlight clauses that are non-compliant?
  2. Could we check whether Certificates of Incorporation (legal document related to the formation of a company) adhere to current legislation?
  3. How might be automatically generate a timeline by retrieving information directly from documents?
  4. How do we use various sources of data to assist lawyers with drafting the prospectus for companies aiming to raise capital on the public capital markets/stock exchange?
  5. Could IoT or VR be used to generate benefits in the legal profession?
  6. Could the new technologies be used to train lawyers for litigation (proceedings at court)?

Topic 2: How can the Blockchain technology be used to serve our customers more efficiently?

  1. Can Blockchains be used to conduct “Know Your Customer” checks for national and international clients?
  2. Can Blockchain be used to document and execute signing of contracts? And can Blockchain be used to verify transfer and ownership of shares?
  3. Could Blockchains be used to secure safe and easy communication between lawyers and clients?

Topic 3: How do we develop a better, cheaper and more intelligent access to legal information?

  1. Would it be possible to automatically collect documents and generate the pleadings binder, which organizes and indexes all submissions (legislation, case-law, literature) for a court case?
  2. How might we retrieve relevant results from publicly available databases pairing legislation with case-law and comments from the legislative history?
  3. Could we access information from law firms without compromising their ethical obligations of confidentiality?

Topic 4: How can we develop the best digital legal aid so that all citizens of all means are secured access to justice?

  1. How might people with physical or mental disabilities get better access to help and information?
  2. How could we lower the technical and financial barrieres for the socially vulnerable?
  3. How might minorities, refugees and people with language or cultural barrieres access necessary information?

Challenge for Association of Danish Law Firms

Intro: The legal industry is characterised by workflows which require a high number of man-hours which we believe technology could help reduce and optimize.

Problem: For example, lawyers spend many hours in court rooms, hearings of witnesses and are required to participate in many training sessions. Could technologies like IoT or VR be used to generate benefits in the legal profession?

Additionally, lawyers tend also to spend an increased amount of hours on locating and cross-referencing various data sources when for example drafting a prospectus for companies aiming to raise capital on the public capital markets/stock exchange



Your idea?

The industry is seeking some fresh eyes perspective on the old problems — that means you may own the next big idea.

As such, you will be encouraged to shoot from the hip and share your thinking.


Most of the weekend is dedicated to your ideation and ‘hacking’ prototypes.
Top mentors will join to provide support and inspiration.

Kick off

We touch base on our shared mission for the next two days. We will focus on unleashing industry-changing ideas coming. Fresh approaches to conceptualization are welcome.


Every participant gets to present an idea (or more) in 60 seconds. This is where your creative juices are needed. No idea is out of bounds or too ambitious.

Team formation

Participants pick the best ideas and form teams around those.

Hackathon Day 1

Breakfast 8am – 9am then everyone gets to work. Lunch, dinner and energy breaks will also be provided. The occasional tribal dance or group stretch may erupt during the day.


Mentors will stop by throughout the day to provide support, guidance and inspiration. Use them as you see fit, they are a mix of entrepreneurs and experts from the legal industry

Hackathon Day 2

Breakfast 8am – 9am then everyone gets to work. Lunch, dinner and energy breaks will also be provided. Time will be set aside for pitch training, tech check and practice (on a voluntary basis).


Teams will make their final demos and presentations to the Jury.

Prize ceremony

The jury will decide on the overall winner and award the 25.000 DKK cash prize as well as the prizes for best demo and most innovative idea

Partners, mentors & jury

Industry experts & serial entrepreneurs volunteer to help you.


Joachim Dresner

Joachim Dresner

Attorney, Lund Elmer Sandager
Ulrikke W. Krogbeck

Ulrikke W. Krogbeck

Head of Executive Secretariat and International, Danske Advokater
Paw Fruerlund Jensen

Paw Fruerlund Jensen

Attorney, Kammeradvokaten


Jens Peter Nielsen

Jens Peter Nielsen

Assistant Attorney, Kammeradvokaten
Henrik Bechgaard

Henrik Bechgaard

Attorney, Plesner
Andreas Steen Vallentin-Hansen

Andreas Steen Vallentin-Hansen

Attorney, Gorrissen Federspiel
Simon Krogh

Simon Krogh

Attorney, Bruun & Hjejle
Simon Kristoffersen

Simon Kristoffersen

Attorney, Rocket Advisory
Anna Ronkainen

Anna Ronkainen

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, TrademarkNow
Morten Fauerholdt Pedersen

Morten Fauerholdt Pedersen

Attorney, Andersen Partners
Alex Farcet

Alex Farcet

Partner, Rainmaking Innovation

Co-founder of Startupbootcamp, among other things

Jakob Kistorp

Jakob Kistorp

Partner, Rainmaking Innovation
Daniel Espeland

Daniel Espeland

Hackathon Lead, Rainmaking Innovation
Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

More mentors will be announced soon


Claus Barrett Christiansen

Claus Barrett Christiansen

Board member, The Dreyer Foundation
Lotte Eskesen

Lotte Eskesen

President, Association of Danish Law Firms
Morten Schwartz Nielsen

Morten Schwartz Nielsen

Partner, Lund Elmer Sandager
Niels Chr. Ellegaard

Niels Chr. Ellegaard

Partner, Plesner


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5.30pm, September 15th – 17th, 2017

Valencia, Vesterbrogade 32, CPH V

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